Stalker Games
Hours of Operation

Info and Schedule:
2:00 am to 6:00 pm

Field Hours:
By reservation only

Playing Fields

Coming Soon!

Power Play: 2-hours of intense action! Play hard, play fast and call it an afternoon.  Then it's "Miller time". Local bars and to drink, good food to eat and dancing girls on poles.  It's a plan-it's the ultimate bachelor party!

More Details Coming Soon!

The Dunes field photo The Dunes: New in 2009! Pulse pounding action as you face the enemy on the only field of its kind in the state. Guard your flanks, and keep up the pressure to survive.

Air Ball field photo Ultimate Air: Paintball like never before! Inflatable bunkers staked down to create a different field each time you visit! Sure to be your groups favorite field of the day.

Tube Ball field photo Tube Ball: A tournament style field that everyone will like! The action in this arena is spectator much fun to watch as it is to play!

Top Gun field photo Top Gun: Players yelling and screaming opposing teams positions, you can see it all. This is "balls out" paintball at its finest! Fast and furious non-stop action.

The Maze field photo The Maze: Miles of trails criss-crossed in a jungle like environment.Keep your head together here or you'll get splattered! Not for the weak of heart.

The Hole field photo The Hole: Trenches, gullies and chest high grass to keep you safe...but beware of getting caught in the could get ugly fast. Rambo, this field is for you!

The Marsh field photo The Marsh: Village with towers, bunkers, forts and barrels. What a rush! You will love this field.

The Oaks field photo The Oaks: You like bunkers? We got your bunkers! Tons of bunkers for you to ambush the enemy from. Watch your back on this field or you might regret it.

small barrel field photo The Barrel Field: The ultimate strategy field. This huge playing field is perfect for paintball commanders to test our their grit head to head against their friends.

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