Stalker Games
Hours of Operation

Info and Schedule:
2:00 am to 6:00 pm

Field Hours:
By reservation only

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Outdoor Tactical Laser Tag

Traditional laser tag has met its match at Stalker Games. No Wally World lackluster laser tag guns here. If you have played indoor laser tag, it is is so-so. Playing indoor laser tag is comparable to being in a dark little rat maze. Loud music to drown out the excitement of your opposing player being sent to his maker and the needed communication with your teammates. The indoor laser tag gear is well, crude and outdated with wires connecting your gun to vest. And let's not forget the no running rule...huh?

At Stalker Games, step outside to the new generation of tactical laser tag, complete with long range guns capable of shooting your opponent at distances of 400'...yea that's right, over the length of a football field! You best be the sneaky-stalker type or run like the wind here...there is no in between. Tactical laser tag is as close to Call of Duty and Halo as it is the real-life video game experience. Feel it in this next generation of laser tag!

Our gear is cutting edge technology in laser tag. You get the best...the Battle Rife Pro and a WiFi enabled wireless head set to use for your experience. The Battle Rifle Pro is setting a new standard in the laser tag industry. It's sleek futuristic military inspired design of the M-16 will get the die-hard gamer's attention! The BR Pro features unique weapon types with authentic sounds and vibrations to add an authentic feel, a visual LED health indicator, a reload button, an LCD display with navigating buttons to swap out guns in game and a health status display. Oh yea, did I mention the shooting rangeof 400'...that's insane!

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Tactical laser tag at your home, business, church or event.

Yes, that's right. We come to you!

Additional $12.50 per player/minimum of 8 players required

Includes distance up to 50 miles from Lyndon Station, WI

Additional mileage fee over 50 miles: $2.00/mile

Call for details!

Coming this Summer

Weekday late afternoon/evening League Games

Get your bar buddies or work friends together for some friendly Tactical Laser Tag battles!

Watch for details

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