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2:00 am to 6:00 pm

Field Hours:
By reservation only

Airsoft 101

Minimum age 18

If you think your cut out to be in the military or police, think Airsoft at Stalker Games. With 1 to 1 scaled replica guns and mock military simulation battles, airsoft will test your wits. You must have agility, team work, endurance, and luck in each battle. Will your team band together or be destroyed by your opponents? Game on!

Our Airsoft equipment is designed to closely emulate real weapons. Since the mid-1980s, airsoft guns have been adapted with a purely recreational application in mind, and the sport is enjoyed by all ages.

Airsoft 101 is the perfect choice for beginning Airsoft players.  We keep the rules simple to remember on the day of play.  We do not allow personal Airsoft equipment to be used so all players are on the same gear level.  For players who have their own Airsoft gun, we do not charge an equipment rental fee to use our gear (save $12.50), you must bring your gun to show us what you have.